Thursday, 2 October 2014

Nought to painting in less than 2 parsecs

Ripping off Inspired by this post by trooper over at cadian shock right here I thought that I would share a set up that lets me quickly get my shit together and start some painting. In reverse order we have..

Ready to get some painting on! Got this wooden paint tray thing from warlord games a while back. Its sturdy and mobile. Just what I want. So I have the paints I use most often at the back and whatever I am working on front and centre. The green box has got my wet palette in. Just behind that are two small glass jars that I use to clean my brushes. On the left is an old wacken cup that I use put waste water as the session progresses. I empty and refill the glass ones so that they are always kind of clean.

XBMC on my PC and a mug o tea close by means I can paint for ages. Well. Thats the theory.

The tray fits into a massive box, with other boxes underneath the tray and around and about holding other paint and WIP. Of which there is much. More WIP gets piled on where it can. Look some Dystopian Wars stuff has appeared on the green box!

The box goes into a cupboard and has other boxes of 40k paraphernalia around and about. Those are muffin trays that I got from ASDA and make good iron warrior (and at a push, Ork) storage.

So yeah. Dead quick to get out of the cupboard and takes minutes to set up and put away. Its about the only part of the 40k hobby that I think I have sussed out!

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