Monday, 27 February 2017

Squaduary 2017 - Doneski

First of all, big thanks to Rory for curating Squaduary. It has been great seeing all this awesome stuff come together from various corners of the tinterwebbynet. 

Aaaaaaaaaanyway I'm calling it done on my Raptors. I applied some rust powder stuff to the bases and then sealed them with varnish. Gloss varnish. Apparently being constructive while nursing a hangover and coming down with a cold is a challenge that I am not quite up to. Anyway, I'll probably go back and add a matte finish later. But for now it'll do...

I also had a go at a better power sword but I think it needs more work...

So that marks the completion of the first minis of 2017. Whoop! But I also have about 20 minis that I was working on in January that will be finished next! Double whoop! And I also stole a march and finished up a bunch of bases for the next next bunch of dudes. Oh happy days! 

I also had a game last week where I tried some new things with guard as suggested over here with some very interesting results, but I think I'll do a proper post on that one. But here is a sneak peak...

So. Thanks for reading and thanks for Suaduarying along.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Squaduary... nearly there

Bit of a delayed update this week (soz Rory..) but I'm nearly there with my squad of Raptors. Last week I got the transfers, washes and a bit of highlighting done, Just the bases and the power sword remain now...

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 13 February 2017

Squaduary 2017 - First Dude Done

Hey hey.

Cracking on through Squaduary and I've finished the first of my Raptors. Well, apart from the base but I'll do them at the same time at the end. The rest of the squad have had most of their base colours blocked in too so I'm pretty hopeful that I'll get the squad done in time.

Some pics....

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Squaduary 2017 - Some Porgress

Hey hey.

A big thanks to Rory over at SteppingBetweenGames for getting things organised and off to a flying start. Loads of pledges are over there and I'm happy to be part of it!

Squaduardy week 1 is over and I've made a really good start on my Raptors. In an effort to improve my painting, or at least my painting technique, I'm trying to do things a little bit differently with these dudes. Usually I block in the main colours and then do the detail bits. But not this time!

This time, I'm trying to do the raised detail first and then backfill the larger panels, and you know what, I'm finding myself getting a lot less frustrated and therefore making fewer mistakes that then then need to be fixed. It seems to be easier to paint into a corner (eg the inner corner of a space marine pauldron) rather than paint the raised edges without touching the background. If you see what I mean.

I think from next week I'll put a few more in progess photos up on twitter or instagram or something too.

So, some picys...

In other news, Kreator have a new album out...

Which is nice.

So for this week I see hazard stripes in my future

Thanks for reading!

Friday, 3 February 2017

#Squaduary 2017 - Built Some Dudes

#Squaduary rolls on and I've done with the building. Happy days. I decided to put some effort into the bases early on and leave off the jump packs for now...

Thanks for reading, and happy #Squaduarying..