Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Iron Warriors Bikers

Oh boy its been a while since I had anything worth posting, but I have finally put the finishing touches to my Iron Warriors biker squad, and now they are ready to roll out and bring their beef to their enemies in true Sons of Anarchy style.

These guys started out as the Ravenwing bikers from the Dark Vengeance box set. Considering that I got them pretty much at the dawn of 7th edition, and now 8th is just around the corner, it is serving as warning not run off and buy the new box set. Don't get me wrong, the new minis look stunning, but neither of the factions appeal to me. I have pledged by chaos allegiance to the Sons of Perturabo and having just about amassed a decent collection I really think it would be a bad idea to get distracted by the new and shiny. But anyway, I digress.

Anyway, with a lick of paint (Plus they are even based!) they are done. I want to apply a coat of varnish seal the deal, but its pretty darn close.

In other news, I saw Maiden when they played Liverpool, which was ace..

Models painted in 2017... 23

Monday, 29 May 2017

Warhammer Fest 2017

Last weekend I made the trip down to the Ricoh Arena to check out some awesome stuff. An all round boss day was had. I spent some money. I saw some cops tooled up with guns. These sorts of events are really good for topping up the hobby motivation. Not that I really needed it this time!

Here are some photos...

This titan assembly hall is stunning. The new industrial scenery stuff is so flexible. I can't wait to get some.

There was a bunch of stuff from the pilgrym project. Absolutely stunning work.

This chap, while appearing quite simple is fantastic. Full of character.


More industrial shenanigans

Yarrrrr. Arpoon away
This refinery board was great. I mean proper awesome. Someone had to point the Genestealer out to me though!

I really dig the pose of this guy

I chuckled at the tap dancing Contemptor being a dick and breaking a lamp post for what I assume are shits and giggles. (No disrespect to the person who made this. Better than anything I could do!)


Banner tastic

Hazard tastic


Mega. Unfortunately my pic of the walking tower didn't come out.

Brilliant bike conversion.

So vibrant!

Ok so this is a big one. I think this was the only non-deathguad version of the new chaos dudes. Teatering on the edge of getting the new box. 





So there you go. A few rando photos from a great day out. Thanks for reading!