Monday, 20 October 2014

A Game!

The other month I actually got a game of 7th edition in. The photos I took don't really warrant a battle report but here are a few thoughts..

I brought my fledgling Imperial Guard. A significant proportion were only undercoated, which is a bit of shame but I really wanted to use them in anger. I brought most of a platoon, some vets in chimera and  the leman russ variant with a plasma cannon (cunningly disguised as a demolisher though...)

Ste brought a mixture of Imperial Fists and Ultramarines with plenty of forgeworld bits thrown in. Man that guy can paint. 

So we rolled for missions and deployment  and the rest of it. Plus we were using tactical objectives and the like. Here is a picture of deployment...

Ready to roll! 
 Also take note of the awesome board! Ste's impressive handiwork once more. Got to say that those tiles weigh a surprising amount once a bunch of sand and paint is applied.

Also it was a proper game of floorhammer! last time I played like this would have been 20 years ago or something, and unfortunately my knees don't work that well any more.

The game progressed like this...

  • Ste marched towards my position in a relentless manner
  • I managed to take down his assault squad early on
  • Most of my blobbed infantry squad squad got whittled away by that massive forgeo tank in the middle
  • I popped the rhino early on meaning a long walk for the marines
  • I spent ages shooting that iron clad dread without doing anything. It eventually marched forwards and took down the remains of the blob squad and my Leman Russ tank. Eventually my fortifications took it down 
  • The heavy weapon squad was worn away before finally succumbing.
  • One of my two psykers managed to hold up the tactical marines by doing some mad power stuff and charging in like a boss
  • Terminators deep stuck in quite near the end (unlucky reserve rolls) and promptly took out my wyvern
  • I used some order or something to allow my vets to come in in his rear and do some damage. What really happened is I disembarked them and they got torn to shreds.
  • I brought on a plasma gun squad quite late to secure an objective in my deployment zone,
In the end it was quite close, I think Ste won by 2 points or there abouts. What did I learn:
  • Psykers good
  • Orders good
  • Bring more tanks
  • Don't get out of Chimera in front of rapiers and massive anti infantry tanks
  • Find more cover (this table was very open I think)
All in all a great Sunday afternoon!

Post game carnage. My few survivors hiding in the corner!
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