Monday, 13 October 2014

Gamesday 2014

Made the Sunday morning trip to a very misty Coventry to check out this years Gamesday to indulge in hobby stuff. Overall a really good day was had.

The good...

  • Bought some stuff
  • Golden demon stuff was cool
  • FW stuff was cool
  • The two or three massive displays were brilliant. Very inspiring.
  • Thought the venue was quite chilled out, maybe the move to two days means that it wasn't stupid busy all day.
  • Free car parking!
  • The demo pods worked well.

The bad..
  • No Armies on Parade. Really missed this.
  • Bought too much stuff. But saying that not everything was there to buy, I fancied the Ork codex and a box of wracks, but no dice.
  • No where to sit off and chill
  • Lack of bins meaning rubbish piling up on tables
  • Hardly any classic stuff. Previous years had cabinets everywhere overflowing with cool old stuff, Not this year.
  • My mate whining about his trousers. All day. Gees.
  • Not many big displays.

Some crap photos of good stuff..

Love this boarding action stuff. They keep on adding more and it gets better each time I see it.

Only ended up taking a couple of photos of the new Calth board. Brilliant stuff. It has a train! I wish I knew what the containers were. I wonder if a bunch were cast for this project or something...

Industrial Ad Mech stuff. Great.

Pretty much the only old school thing that I thought was worth taking a snap of

Finally I took a bunch of photos of the my favourite Golden Demon entries...



Love the creepy thing in a tank

Heres Johnny

Brilliant track spin

Mad freehand stuff


  1. The shipping containers were cast specifically for the board project with no plans to release them - they thought the price point they'd need to be at would be too high. If you'd buy some, let FW know - if there's enough interest at the right price, things could change.

    1. Cheers for the insight. To me the containers provide a possible insight into the possible dimensions of non military 41st millennial equipment. The cranes and the train on display here (I think) are one of the few examples of this aspect that GW have shown. Interesting anyway.

  2. I'll pants you. Good review anyway

  3. Well that answered my question about who was complaining about their trousers! Shoulda known...