Wednesday, 5 February 2014


On of my aims is to build many of the special characters from the chaos codex, but to give them an Iron Warrior spin. Done some work on my Khan count as. Read on to find out more..


My mission was to make pretty badass Khan a like. I felt that he had to look like a berserker, and that he should have a naked left arm, in true a true Khan-esque way. Also gorechild, his fancy weapon, but i didn't want it to be a chainaxe cos many of my standard berserkers came with these and i wanted him to stand out.

The Build 

I was aiming to give him a failry dynamic pose, with gorechild, which I interpreted as a staff based weapon being held behind him in some way, kind of like a ninja. Anyway, here he is below...

The dude


I had a pile of berserker chainswords to use up so i thought that I would donate a couple for some nasty looking weapon  goings on. The arm is from the old fantasy chaos warrior set. I got bought a box of these for a present many moons ago so they crop up quite frequently in my conversions

The weapon

The Naked Arm

From the possessed sprue i lopped off the end of a tentacle arm thing and added a pointing fist. The spikey shoulder pad is an ork bit.



Fairly happy with how he turned out although I wish i had used some plasma pistols on gorechild, cos that is what he somes with. Still some more greenstuff to go but the main build is done. Good progress! 

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