Friday, 31 January 2014

Onwards Iron Wariors

This weeks progress... From Bits to marines!!

Another bunch or csm bits came through from ebay, so cleaned them up and added them to my bits box. Included were some icons, special weapons and lightning claws which was what i was primarily after. In general i have left off the left shoulder pads of the marines cos these are going to be striped up in proper Iron Warrior style and i'm thinking that i may do that in a massive batch to keep things simple.


Bits in a box!

These marines are currently done in turns of actual construction. There are still some greenstuff detailing to do, and i need to add more spikes to make them fit in with my Obliterators, which i will post up something about some day.

First off three csm with special weapons, a flamer, melta and a plasma gun. They can also be used as chosen if i need so thought that it would be cool to have some choices.


Finished off a berserker icon bearer. Quite happy with this fella.

Icon tastic
 The next couple shows the lightning claws in action. Meet a chosen and a berserker champion.

Slicey and dicey

Also  I finished priming my tempestus firebase stuff and put some base coats on some ratling snipers though i'm not sure they have turned out well...

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