Sunday, 26 January 2014

Haul of Shame

One of the main reasons for doing this blogging stuff is to try and refocus my hobby efforts and actually get shit done. Hence this, my Haul of Shame. Here are some of examples of long term projects and other hobby related stuff that I want to get done.


Not that shameful since I've actually got enough bits for an army. Ineffective but at least I can get it on the table. Not won any of the 10 games or so that i've played! Anyhoo I have had this beginnings of some sort of super heavy and a wazdakka on the go for ages. Also the big gunz. That is an old siege mortar thingy that i stripped and primed.

Imperial Guard

Got a battleforce for crimbo 2012. I built them pretty quickly, but here they are still in a box / on my painting tray waiting to be done. Shame.




"That bit of rubbish looks interesting, I'll keep it just in case it comes in handy." Here is a small portion of potential terrain bits. I also bought some Hirst Arts castings - never used. I reckon there is a decent industrial table type thing in there somewhere. Shame.
One day...


Dystopian Wars

Bought. Mostly painted. Built terrain. Never played. SHAME.

Not finished...

Resin sea

Cliffs and coast. Looks good. Never played...

Board Games

Bought Mage Knight. Played the intro game once (took three nights like) and thats it. Played Battlestar once, even though it rocks. Played Netrunner only a handful of times. FOR SHAME. To be honest my buddies and I do get some good board games done quite regularly.


So. Many. Games. Not even going there. Although I did start playing the witcher the other week! SHAME.

So there you have it. Reasons why I am shamed....

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