Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Boots on the Ground

My Iron Warrior army is going to be built around a core of corrupted chaos dudes. 

As I mentioned in my Chosen post, the army theme includes a lot of spikes, bionics and general mecha tendril type things. So these guys could be used as plague marines in a pinch if I wanted to. They are made from loads of different vintages of chaos space marine kits with some bits from an old fantasy warriors of chaos kit thrown in. Their heads look the part but other components less so. The torsos were pretty useless and i'm on the fence about the legs.

Without further ado, here is the first batch. I think I may build another 4 or so...

Group 1: Some old metal dudes in there

Group 2: The guy on the right is mostly an old warhammer chaos warrior dude

Group 3: Started experimenting with tentacles. Not sure how they look to be honest

Bonus sneak peak: Blurry, but this is a taste of some future berserker dudes, this one with a bionic leg

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