Saturday, 1 April 2017

Keep Those Standards

Hey hey.

While I have been working through the chosen, a couple of icons and my havoc squad sergeant got mixed in. I bought a crazy pot of metallic blue paint by mistake a while back and I didn't know what to use it on. It works quite well on the first icon I think 

Here they are...

This dude is tiny, I think hes a jarg recast that I got as part of  an ebay thing a while back

I also checked out the Beyond Judge Dredd and Watchmen: The art of John Higgins exhibition that was going on at the Victoria Gallery and Museum at Liverpool uni. It was pretty cool...

And then to top it off, above the gallery was bit of a museum showing some cool bits of tech from when Liverpool Uni was well up there in the field of particle physics. I think a bunch of the approaches developed here went on to inform stuff happening at CERN. That is cool.

This is part of super computer that was put together to do some serious number crunching. Imagine another 9 of these all churning away...

Models painted in 2017... 13

Thanks for reading!


  1. The part your tried to hide in that post is 13 modes done ;)

    1. haha yeah 13 in three and a bit months is not that great is it!!