Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Special Weapons Chosen Done

Hey hey

I've not really had the chance to do any much blogging recently but I have been doing stuff. After squaduary finished I went back finish off some chosen csm that had been put to one side.

Anyway, here are the special weapon dudes. Of course they can be placed into the regular CSM squads if I feel so inclined. Pretty happy with these guys.

I also went on a hike and came across a steam engine...

Choo choooo

Models painted in 2017... 10

Thanks for reading!


  1. Strange mix of special weapons but they look solid. Drill barrells though ;)

    1. Yeah I thought I would go for a bit of variety on the weapon front.
      I never even considered drilling the meltas. I mean I defo wouldn't drill the plasma guns! I also wouldn't drill out lascannons. Do you drill everything?