Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Back To Blogging

Hi all..

I haven't been doing much blogging about pretty much anything really, but I'm hoping to get a few posts lined up from now through to the end the year because I have been fairly busy overall.

I have also started posting things as and when they are finished on instagram as @aljmclean

A trip to Golden Demon in May this year totally reloaded my creativity and I cracked on with some building and painting and what not...

After some awesome models and what not I decided to do a spot of building. I had a Lego propeller knocking about so I set about building some sort of underhive wind turbine...

So the plan is to have a tentacle creeping up out of some underhive sludge around the base of the turbine.

Before I knew if it my hobby mojo was back and I was painting like a thing what paints a bunch of stuff.

Thanks for reading!

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