Wednesday, 22 April 2015

A Game! 1500 pts Imperial Guard vs Bloodangels

Yup. Got a game in the other week. 1500 pts. My WIP guard versus my buddy Ste's awesome bloodangels. I can't really remember what happened in much detail, but it went a little something like this...

My IG deployed, tightly bunched into one corner of the table, with vet squad 1 in the chimera on the right, the wyvern and vet squad 2 in the centre and pask and his buddy on the left. I have a primaris psykers with each of these groups. My vindicare assassin is loitering out shot (camera that is!).

BA tactical squad 1 with vindicator deployed opposite my main force.

BA tactical squad 2 deployed centrally. Assault squad and terminators in reserve.

I think I went first. my chimera cruised forwards, and my leman russ squadron used one of the tank orders to close range with the tactical marines. I got first blood one way or another. My vindicare missed a shot at the vindicator. WS 8 and missed. I guess everyone has bad days.

End turn 1

Turn 2 and my tanks use the split fire order to whittle down the tactical squads some more. I think the assassin took down 3 marines from the squad by the vindicator this time too

End turn 2

Turn 3 saw the vindicator smash the chimera, but not before the majority of the tactical squad are taken down, leaving only the sanguine priest dude. Somehow the vets inside survive and keep on marching forwards

Eventually the terminators and assault marines deep strike in and start causing havoc. The termines take down the command tank but the other one survives for now

The vets line up a couple of melta gun shots and the psyker takes down the priest dude with some mind melting shenanigans. Unfortunatley he would himself be gunned down before the end of the game.

So I managed to cast a malediction on the terminators and between the heroic final tank, and the other vet squad managed to take down the entire squad and the commander dude. The vindicare charged the assault squad but fumbled the blind grenades but still managed to hold the assault marines back for a turn or two.

In the end the angels edged the game by about 1 point. It was close and it was utter carnage all over the place.

So some thoughts...

  • Don't forget the armourbane rule for melta guns. That vindicator should have been mine!
  • Don't leave psykers in the middle of the board. They get shot
  • The phrase 'Heavy 20' is great
  • You can still miss with BS8
  • That malediction psychic power that gives weapons targeting the target squad rending is brutal. Especially if combined with some bulk fire power, even the lowly lasgun gets lethal. Think its in biomancy. Cant recall the name like.
  • Terminators are annoying

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