Monday, 16 June 2014


Finished up a couple of sergeants. I hate painting skin tones. Also I wish I had built them differently to each other. Guess I got caught up in the moment in the manufacturing line style of building...

I also think that the laspistol arm looks really unnatural.


  1. Ha - they do have a bit of a Twin vibe going on!

    I've always found with that pistol arm the only natural pose is one where the gun points either up or down - it never looks quite right pointing out front.

    I'm quite taken by the basing - is that etched brass or something else?

  2. Cheers for the comment! I'm just finishing up a couple more squad leader dudes and they most certainly were not grown in the same tank.

    The basing is some textured wall paper. Got about a metre as a sample (for free!) from some diy shop and so i've got loads to work with.

    I think that it looks pretty good but the downside is that all these figures are pinned to their bases using cut up paperclips, which is quite time consuming. Even then I am not convinced that they will stand up to being overly manhandled since the paper can rip off quite easily.