Monday, 30 June 2014

More Dudes

So I decided to buy a bunch more stuff. A cadian defence force. And some others, as will be revealed here. I decided to go big so that I would have a bunch of bits so that my recent problem with my army of clones would be avoided.

Anyway so first off is a bunch of dudes. It took absolutely ages to scrape off mould lines on these. I don't remember struggling this much when i got that battleforce a few years back. Maybe its a sign of old moulds or something. I got some scions as well and these were an absolute breeze in comparison. But more on that later.

Special weapon dudes
Vox dudes
 I left them attached to bits of sprue I'm going to knock up another batch of bases cos I really want to get a sizeable force on the table and i'm willing to let undercoated types turn up.

1 comment:

  1. That sprue ideas a good one. Must remember that.

    Those molds must be so worn out these days. The lady Cadians I picked up had really rounded detail and horrible mold slip. New product really spoils you on that account.