Saturday, 6 January 2018

2017: A Year in Review

2017 over and done with. How did I do on the hobby front? 


33 models painted. Not that great considering I managed 100+ last year, but then again I did buy a house in the middle of summer so quite predictably that put pretty much anything not house related onto the back burner. I've not painted, well, anything since then. I moved in in early December and I haven't got my hobby stuff unpacked yet. But then again, I'm not suffering from a lack of motivation or anything. In fact my mind is surging with 40k possibilities! I need to sort a hobby space out. The new Necromunda stuff is making me feel funny.

The Blog

The top 10 posts of my blog feature 8 from 2017. This is pretty cool. I am still pretty keen on blogging being my main outlet for 40k stuff, although various people I follow on twitter and what not seem keen to put their blogs on hiatus or whatever. I fully intend to keep on blogging.

The Hobby

The Good

  • Made awesome (for me anyway!) progress on my Iron Warriors. A box full of painted kit makes me very happy. This army is now pretty much wrapped up.
  • Found some awesome ideas on yaktribe, in particular this stuff about a vertical hive. Defo going to pinch that idea. By the way, this site and community is fantastic and very welcoming.

The Bad

  • Not enough games. Only played a couple
  • I miss my Orks

The Ugly

  • Still not played Dystopian Wars. Will do one day. This is the same as last year. Plus Spartan games unfortunately shut up shop.

The List

Here is the target list of 2017, with some stuff ticked off...

Iron Warriors

  • Paint Chosen
  • Paint Havocs
  • Paint Terminators
  • Prime more Terminators
  • Prime Bikers
  • Build, prime and paint the raptors
  • Build, prime and paint more helbrutes
  • Build, prime and paint some warsmiths
  • Paint Terminator Lord
  • Paint Land Raider
Last year was defo the year of the Iron Warriors. Still not quite finished tho. I did finish a helbrute, but then I started another. Oh well. I also nearly finished about 20 termies. 

Imperial Guard

  • Paint the Stormhammer
  • Paint two Valkyries

Inquisition Stuff

  • Build up some more inquisitor stuff and warbands
I found out this year that one of my uni buddies is a stealth 40k fan. After a catch up on messenger, we kind of agreed to have a game. This is awesome


  • Build and paint the marines in the deathwatch box
  • Build and paint the tyranids in the deathwatch box


  • Paint 3 Big Gunz
  • Paint Stompa
  • Paint 10 Meganobz
  • Repaint 2nd ed dread
  • Repaint all my 2nd ed Goffs and Grots (dear god why do I want to do that)
  • Finish off 2 battlewagons
  • Finish off loads of buggies
  • Paint bunch of deffcoptas
  • See what needs to be done with the bunch of orks I got off ebay:
Didn't do anything with Orks this year. Not good.

Dystopian Wars

  • Finish British Fleet
  • Finish Japanese Fleet
  • Finish Merchant ships
  • Finish 3 oil rigs
  • Finish 2 lighthouses
  • Finish 2 islands

Hobby Stuff

    • This is really important. Want to do this so much.
  • Come up with some way of displaying some stuff
  • Pain the Wall of Martyrs Stuff
    • Aquila Strongpoint
    • Vengeance Weapon Battery
    • Imperial Bunker
    • Imperial Defence Network
    • Imperial Defence Line
    • Firestorm Redoubt
Not painting that terrain sucks. Naughty me.

Well I guess it is all history now. Onwards to 2018!

Thanks for reading.


  1. 33 models, but what painting points? Lol.
    1pt Troop type mini
    2pt Termie/Bike type
    5pt Rhino/Terrain/Dread
    10pt Landraider/Drop Pod/Character
    20pt Imp Knight/Superheavy
    50pt Titan

    1. Haha jeez I dunno! I think the biggest model was a helbrute. Plus the bikes may be about 50 points or so. Sounds more impressive than 33!