Monday, 26 January 2015

Back To Guard


I'm ploughing through stuff I managed to get done towards the end of last year. I ended up getting some good momentum going. 

So. I have some more Guard...

Thanks for reading!

Models painted... 8

Monday, 19 January 2015


This is the final merchant ship that I built, and I decided to push myself compared to the others. I built a recessed cargo area then added a bunch of salt to represent some stuff that is being carried. I dropped on superglue and they eventually held themselves in.

I had a ton of fun building these ships, and i still have a few of those hulls left over. I'll see what else strikes me...

Thanks for looking!

Monday, 12 January 2015

Refinery Ship

Ok pushing on with the merchant ships, i decided to build a refinery ship. The main superstructure is part of an old micromachine toy from back in the day. The refinery piece is from a box of monopoly 3D pieces that I got off ebay. Defo some interesting pieces in there.

Thanks for looking!

Monday, 5 January 2015

Merchant Tanker

Cracking on with the merchant fleet, here is my take on a tanker. Again recessing the pieces beneath the top plate of the hull is the trick!

Quite like this guy!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015: The Plan

Here are the big projects that I want to get to the bottom of this year:
  • Iron Warriors. I have ton of primed stuff waiting to be finished. This is the big one.
  • Imperial Guard. Wrap up my current paint queue and finish off my guard army. This shouldn't be too much of a massive undertaking.
  • Orks. Finish painting the Stompa, big gunz and my scratch built superheavy thing.
  • Imperial fortifications.
  • Dystopian Wars. Finish off the Japanese, British and Merchant fleets and the bits of scenery.
  • Inquisition. Build a few inquisitors and their retinues. This is probably the lowest priority since I recall seeing some rumours that there was going to be a proper codex release for these guys at some point.
  • Renegades. I got a copy of IA13 and I love it. I'm thinking that the core of my imperial guard could be used as the basis of the troops and that with appropriate bits and pieces being added for the more chaosy things. This isn't really a goal. More just a ponderance.
  • Fluff. I want to write a few fluff articles to get some thoughts down on paper to help focus my hobby terrain
  • Terrain. I have plans for some hive type stuff that I want to explore
  • Play some games. I'm thinking quarterly 40k, monthly killteam. Plus a couple of Dystopian Wars.
  • Megadesk. I will build megadesk. It will be mega.

The Rules

I'm imposing a rule on myself from now. I am not allowed to buy stuff until I finish painting stuff to a table top standard. I need to do this because this year I built and primed my Iron Warriors only to buy more Imperial Guard. Then on a whim, part way through the guard I decided to build some assassins, servitors and other stuff. Now mixing things up is defo a good idea but knowing that I have a bunch of stuff to work through does tend to get me down. NEVER AGAIN.

This is what I am going to do:

For every three dudes painted I can build one dude

  • Tanks allow me to build two dudes or one tank
  • Superheavies allow me to build three dudes or one tank

Now. For each project there are a bunch of painting targets:

Iron Warriors

  • Paint Berserkers
  • Paint Plague Marines
  • Paint Chosen
  • Paint Possessed
  • Paint Havocs
  • Paint Khan
  • Paint Terminators
  • Paint Terminator Lord
  • Paint Spawn
  • Paint Obliterators
  • Paint Hellbrute
  • Paint Land Raider

Imperial Guard

  • Paint 5 Ratling Snipers
  • Paint 4 Assassins
  • Paint 3 Psykers
  • Paint Special Weapons Squad
  • Paint Heavy Weapons Dudes
  • Paint Hostile Environment Squad
  • Paint two standard bearers
  • Paint two sergeants and medicmedic
  • Paint 2 Commissars
  • Paint Creed
  • Paint tech priest and 2 servitors
  • Paint Wyvern
  • Paint Leman Russ
  • Paint Chimera
  • Paint Colossus


  • Paint 3 Big Gunz
  • Paint Stompa
  • Paint 10 Meganobz
  • Repaint 2nd ed dread
  • Repaint all my 2nd ed Goffs and Grots (dear god why do I want to do that)
  • Finish off 2 battlewagons
  • Finish off loads of buggies
  • Paint bunch of deffcoptas

Dystopian Wars

  • Finish British Fleet
  • Finish Japanese Fleet
  • Finish Merchant ships
  • Finish 3 oil rigs
  • Finish 2 lighthouses
  • Finish 2 islands

Games Played

  • Monthly kill team
  • Quarterly 40k
  • Dystopian Wars

Imperial Fortifications

  • Paint Imperial Defence Line
  • Paint Defence Emplacement
  • Paint 2 Firestorm redoubts
  • Paint bunker
  • Paint Aquilla Strongpoint
  • Paint 4 Vengeance Weapon Baterries


  • Background on my IG regiment
  • Link in the inquisitorial presence
  • Through in the chaos stuff

Final thought...

Dear god. That is a lot of stuff. Mind you having it all there in front of me is quite satisfying in its own way. I suspect there is well more than a years worth of stuff there, but such is life. I'm well keen to crack on with all this. Wish me luck!