Wednesday, 26 October 2016

#Dreadtober 2016

Once I saw the posts start coming through about dreadtober on twitter and instagram and what not I decided that I should join the fun too! My helbrute had been languishing in my painting queue for ages, being primed and mostly assembled, so it got a jump to the front and I got stuck in...

Some wip shots...

A bit of dry brushing on the demon skin

White base for what will soon be yellow, purple demon skin and most of the armour panels done

Stripes and most of the trim done

And then the finished dude....

I'm kind of surprised that I got this guy finished in about 3 weeks to a standard which I am quite happy with, I think the copper edging could do with some more highlighting but this was the fiddliest part of the model and it was driving me batty by the time so I had to call it done.

I'm not really happy with the base. It'll do for now but I might revisit it once I get stuck into the other dreads that I have planned. Annoyingly the grating material doesn't want to hold any paint and a fair amount flaked off as I was dry brushing and what not. This is a pity cos I really like the texture and I had some cunning plans for things to do with it. Oh well....

The DV helbrute is cool but the pose is a bit shit. Once you have one of these I can't really see why you would want another identical one. Perhaps a more neutral pose would have made it easier to alter, or at least to have several copies of in a single collection. I do have another one knocking around somewhere but I'm going to hack it up and rebuild it. 

An Aside

This blog has been largely inactive hobby wise for most of this year. Other commitments and various other problems meant that I pretty much stopped warhammering it up early on in the year, but I've been back at it since the start of summer so hopefully I'll have some more stuff to share in the near future.

Friday, 21 October 2016

The Tale of Aldrac Part 2 - Rewards and Intrigue

Part 2 – Rewards and Intrigue

My head hurts. That’s from thinking about what kind mess this city is in. My chest hurts. That’s from some cultist maniac who came within a sails breadth of running me though. These cultists could be everywhere but then again could be nowhere. The last words of a dead man cannot be trusted. Its been one hell of a long day, I feel like I’ve walked all over this city never mind just been in a rumble a few hours ago. The sun is just about coming up and I still need to finish these sodding notes.

Gino met with us this morning. He was being all mysterious and flustered, turns out he had a brush with our old friend Oristis in the pre-dawn hours. He came away with a note that had a hidden message in it. Words are not my strong point at the best of times, so when Drakken managed to crack that code after only a few hours staring blankly at the page and another trip to see the pompous idiots at the Academy, I was kind of impressed. If only his choice of graveyard sneaking was half as good! Hah!

“At midnight where the afflicted lie”

The afflicted? Having a lie? Turns out that the poor people of the city go to the Volante Charitable House when they pick up injuries, diseases and malady’s. Seems they usually end up in the Paupers Graveyard soon after, but anything is better than going 6 feet under straight away I guess.

There was no time to dabble with such drama just yet. We had to meet up with the Volante head, Reuben, himself. We went to the palace and some fancy guards in their ornate armour marched us through a bunch of corridors to an inner room. Very private. There we met with Reuben Volante. I’m not entirely sure of what I was expecting, but he wasn’t it. He seemed more efficient rather than ruthless. Wise rather than arrogant. When Yolanda pressed him about the various methods that people in his employ use to ensure that things happen he seemed genuinely shocked and concerned. He was not happy to learn about Oristis murdering prisoners and dabbling in black magic. So much so he had us head over the Sept where we eventually got the Gias removed. Don’t get me wrong, we are still his hatchet men, but just cos we were made family associates and given some cash isn’t enough to buy my total loyalty, but it’ll do for now. It ended frostily. Inside this sanctum were four hooded and silent guards. I don’t want to tussle with those any time soon. They stank of magic.

The only other person in that windowless room was Morris Volante. An old bear of a man. The armour he wore was ornate, but also oiled and maintained. I would wager it had seen more action than some of those that marched us in. Funny man. Obviously can’t wait to marry off that Priscilla at the earliest opportunity, but he did seem grateful for us getting her out of that mess.

Onto the Sept of Many Faiths. Impressive place. Once inside we went quite a distance through underground passageways following this Arch Deacon. We ended up in a room and then took it in turn to stand in a circle while Arch Deacon Liara removed the Gias. It took a lot out of her. The elf we left was drained by the ordeal. But we are free of this curse and so Oristis doesn’t have direct leverage over us no more. The priestess of Ashoc did a grand job.

We had some time to kill before we had to meet Gino back at the Ball so we decided to take a look at this Charitable House. Yup. It’s a hospital. Full of sick and dying. The place reeked of death. A flash of our new Volante badges got us inside but there was no reason to hang around. Didn’t really see anything of the grave yard either. No secret passageways either, but I think Drakken needs to work on his interrogation. A 20ft wall is a bit of an eyesore.
Cutting through a park heading back to the Ball that little shit Lupe turned up. He was pissed. Turns out he lost his job in the guard. Mind you he was that bad at guarding stuff I’m not surprised. We took him back to the Ball and got good old Horatio to give him some beer and a bed for the night. A tab is a powerful weapon. The beer loosened his tongue some more. Turns out the Mortimers were the ones ousted by the Volantes. They sound like a good bunch. For the people. Clever tinkerers too by all accounts. That bit of drama last night at the pub was connected to the Mortimers too. The tryst that we interrupted involved non other than Lucy Mortimer herself. The note we found mentioned Samuel and some other guy called Vincent. Its getting messy.

Of course Gino then proceeds to give us our next mission. Mortimers. Hah. Apparently the Reapers Rest Tavern is still  a stronghold of theirs. We need to go there and find an informant and then follow up any info he gives us. Mortimers. Volantes. Mess more like.
Well that’s what we should have done. But we had the more pressing matter of the afflicted lying to take care of. So off we went to the Charitable House to keep an eye on things. I knew it was going to be one of those nights after I nearly broke my neck getting over that bloody wall. The deckhands would have laughed their heads off at that. Sure enough some guys appeared and I started moving in to have a listen to their conversation. I did a pretty slick backflip over the crunchy path, but that was soon undone. I was under cover of the trees but tripped over on a root. Ok I shouldn’t have screamed, but the fart I couldn’t control. That was it. Cultists screaming everywhere. Before I could regain my sensibilities this one guy ran me through with a scimitar. Luckily he didn’t hit anything too important. I got up and managed gave him the old whip stab. I finished him and his mate pretty quickly then moved on. Yolanda and Manuel dealt with some minor sorcerer and another cultist. Mostly Yolanda. By all accounts Manel was busy deciding what kind of armour to wear, and then when he did throw those fancy javelins he nearly took his own eye out. He did better than Drakken though. He decided to climb over the top of the building and then arrived fashionably late after the knifework was taken care of.

I spared the last cultist, Pertur, for a while. We gave him the impression that we knew more than what we did and he spilled the beans. They were trying to meet with Oristis. Worshipping the Benefactor and Therebor got this group of idiots dead a lot quicker than a life of servitude in the Volante guard. These cultists are part of a scheme that is increasing unrest. But is this the same unrest that the Mortimers are involved with? What does Oristis want? Power for himself or someone else? Who is using who? Should that second who be whom? I don’t know.

Friday, 2 September 2016

The Tale of Aldrac Part 1 – A New Start

What a couple of days. Only been in Ricoverro a single afternoon before waking up in some prison with a sodding runebound set of manacles on my hands and feet and a so called Arcane Gias on the back of my hand. Sodding magic. Hate the stuff. I mean I probably deserved a night in the tank since things got a bit out of hand at the Blue Ball last night before but this seems pretty unreasonable to me. Went back there earlier today and made amends with Horatio. Nice guy. Can’t hold his ale though. Ended up busting out of one of his windows, so I guess another visit is called for too.

The Vero Isles. Where things started going wrong
Riccoverro. Busy place. Couple of taverns. Should be a good place to rest up and plan what to do next
Anyway, this place seems nice enough. Comfy beds at the House of Roses. I’m pretty certain that these sheets are used for more than sleeping, but no time for that tonight. I got a bit banged up what with the window and sodding Snorri. Fair play to his mate for clopping me with his hammer but I’ll be right as rain in the morning.

So yeah where was I? That’s right. Shipwrecked. It was a relief to make it ashore to be honest. The Blue Ball was a good place to let off some steam. Some decent ales, port, whiskey and beer in that place. Not sure what started the fight, but I met some new mates who look like it’ll be fun to run with for a while. Yolanda seems ok, but she can’t shoot for shit. Manuel needs to get his foot out of his mouth and get a bath, but that shield of his is pretty useful. Don’t entirely trust that Drakken though. He was rifling through poor Finns pockets before the last breath had left his body. Mind you when he tried that thieving lark on anyone not dead they collared him pretty quick. He better not try anything.

So. Woke up in prison. Then this piece of work Oristis turned up and made it pretty clear that we had a job to do. Treating me like some common sellsword. I was part of the Reavers damn it! Anyway this guy kills Finn then tells us to sort out some jumped up dwarf who took some hostages. This Koraf fella turned out ok, just trying to improve the life of his people. Nothing wrong with that. Seems like Oristis had some part in that too. They put him in some cells waiting for a trial. He better get treated fairly that’s all. 

This squirt Gino gets us our kit and sends us on our way. What a tool. Turns out he was the Volante heir apparent at one point before it was stripped. I mean why the hell did he choose to hang around and be reminded of his failure all the time? Might be an ok type I guess. We went to the Academy, and after having a word with the dick on the front desk, it turns out that they want 500 gold to get rid of this Gias nonsense. Sod that. Bloody mages charging an absolute fortune for mumbling some fancy words and waving their hands around a bit. Can’t be trusted that’s what. Stopped off at the Blue Ball on the way to sort this hostage thing out. That Horatio was ok. Good honest name that. Reminds me of my Captain Horatio Salt. Yeah I’ll sort that mess out soon as well. At least I’m practicing my words as much as possible. I’m going to keep the other promises too. Ended up embarrassing myself a little. I mean that door should have been splinters! That backflip must have tired me out more than I realised. Didn’t even get the name of the lass in the end either. Pretty though. Seems she is involved with the Volantes too. Probably more trouble than its worth. Nothing wrong with a bit of trouble like. Ended up having to get out of there sharpish cos the guard were on their way. Manuel played it cool and got rid of a couple of the goons. Nice one. That flip through the window must have looked good as well. Pity no was around to applaud. Then again I did screw up the landing. Need more practice.

Arrived at Micas Arms to get this niece back, and tell you what, that Lupe is gonna get a smack next time I see him. No wonder this hostage thing was dragging on if that’s the cream of the Volante guard. Prick. So after a few words with Koraf, me and Yolanda walk in bold as anything to try and sort this out amicably. Would have preferred to have that silver tongued Manuel, but whatever, had to negotiate after all. Was chatting to this Koraf and things were going well. Manuel spooked some hot headed dwarf. Snorri was his name and he came running out swearing an cursing and it was on. I dropped him sharpish, but credit to his mates they fought on for a bit. Rex even got a good clip on me, well he would have done if I hadn’t used that heavy lump Snorri as a bit of cover. Just a clip. Manuel did the hero thing and dropped on the other guy, think his name was Sinjar. I’ll have to remind him about who gets to drop though windows around here. I’ll have to keep an eye on that Yolanda. Shes a bloodthirsty one. Rex had given up the fight, but she still had a shot at him. Missed like, but that’s not the point.

That was that then. We rescued this Priscilla, and I tell you what I don’t care who your uncle is. She was just rude. Not a bit of gratitude at all. We marched back with that cretin Lupe to the palace and dropped Korlaf and the others off. I wasn’t happy with that - I would have preferred to have kept an eye on them before bringing him before this Reuben chap in the morning.

Not had chance to look at that sextant yet, but I will. Must have been a reason why my Lord Roberts gave it to me. But anyway, that’s enough writing for one night. Need the sleep.

Friday, 25 December 2015

Upping my Game

So. Happy New Year.

So while I was developing my Grysyn project I decided that I wanted to make a display plinth of some sort.

I started out with some random boxes to build up some sort of idea of what the display will look like..

Thinking about it I was full of flu at the time so the boxes aren't really that random after all.

I bought some pre-cut 3mm thick mdf from ebay, cut some holes to make the bases appear flush and then started messing around with some hirst arts casts I had around..

I mainly used pipes to conjure up an industrial feeling then added some corner pieces for a bit of variety.

I then covered all exposed areas with various textured material. I used the wallpaper stuff that I use for many of my bases and some steel patterned plasticard. I also used some (wanting for a better description) stripy textured plasticard for the walls.

There is the final mock up with the team in place.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, 18 December 2015

The Main Man

Finally the ringmaster....

Another ogre dude, but with a top hat..

I thought I would show some WIP in progress because I am quite pleased with the result.

I used some strips of plasticard to form the outline of the coat, then filled out the gaps with greenstuff to make it more overcoaty.

The gun is from the ork warlord kit. I know, the barrels need drilling.

Really like this guy! Well apart from the top hat, which hasn't quite turned out the way I thought.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, 11 December 2015

Cousin Sniper Dude

I built this sniper dude using parts from the ogre kingdoms range..

I really like the way he turned out and I think that he makes a better ratling sniper type than those dwarf based models that I made a while back. Oh well. Ho hum.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, 4 December 2015

Grumpy Grandad

Next up for the Gryson family we have a wizened preacher type...

The only change that I made was to build some sort of reliquary type thing onto the end of the staff. I guess he could double up as either a psycher or preacher.

Thanks for reading!