Monday, 30 March 2015

The rest of the special weapons squad

And here are the plasma gunner types...

And all together...

On the whole pretty happy with how they turned out. I tried to make them fit in with the regular dudes, but appear a bit more elitey at the same time. Think in hindsight the regular fellas should have some gloves. I mean they are hazardous environment soldiers or somet, and they appear to be massively lacking in PPE.

Also played some Terror in Meeple City. This is a bit of an action shot with a monster totally wiping out a tower block. Proper boss game. Does take a while to set up tho...

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Models Painted... 32

Monday, 23 March 2015

Dr Angry is on his rounds

Yup, the Dr with the bedside manner of a megaphone got some paint on him.

Quite like the light blue on the helmet. I'm thinking that that may now become a 'thing'...

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Models Painted... 28

Monday, 16 March 2015

Non special special weapons dudes

Got the first half of the forgeworld special weapons squad done. I used scion legs and the final result is ok. There is just so much detail that I found it hard to resist trying to use many different colours and making a right mess...

Also i'm beginning to suspect that this forgeworld stuff ain't all that, especially when it comes to the added cost. I think I will ponder more on this before making overly outrageous claims.

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Models Painted... 27

Monday, 9 March 2015

Quick, look busy

Thats right, some sergeants got themselves painted. Now all these rank and file types have no excuse for not being proper military types...

Loving those flagellant bits...

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Models Painted... 24

Monday, 2 March 2015

Stop. Banner Time.

Can't touch this etc etc

Aaaaaaaanyway. I painted up a couple of banner bearers. Bit annoyed that the wash went a bit blotchy in places but hey ho.

Also I have named my regiment! So say hello to the Synfyrd 201st. Coming up with a name for these guys has opened up a can of fluff related worms. I may well start putting some thoughts down and making a story and explaining how these guys fit into the mighty grimdark. amateur dramatics approach.

So the pics...

Overall I like the stance of this guy more than the other.

But this banner is better

Also this happened.. Its a kit that is just proper thin laser etched metal and you use pliers to build it. 

Proper fiddly but looks awesome.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

Models Painted... 22