Friday, 2 September 2016

The Tale of Aldrac Part 1 – A New Start

What a couple of days. Only been in Ricoverro a single afternoon before waking up in some prison with a sodding runebound set of manacles on my hands and feet and a so called Arcane Gias on the back of my hand. Sodding magic. Hate the stuff. I mean I probably deserved a night in the tank since things got a bit out of hand at the Blue Ball last night before but this seems pretty unreasonable to me. Went back there earlier today and made amends with Horatio. Nice guy. Can’t hold his ale though. Ended up busting out of one of his windows, so I guess another visit is called for too.

The Vero Isles. Where things started going wrong
Riccoverro. Busy place. Couple of taverns. Should be a good place to rest up and plan what to do next
Anyway, this place seems nice enough. Comfy beds at the House of Roses. I’m pretty certain that these sheets are used for more than sleeping, but no time for that tonight. I got a bit banged up what with the window and sodding Snorri. Fair play to his mate for clopping me with his hammer but I’ll be right as rain in the morning.

So yeah where was I? That’s right. Shipwrecked. It was a relief to make it ashore to be honest. The Blue Ball was a good place to let off some steam. Some decent ales, port, whiskey and beer in that place. Not sure what started the fight, but I met some new mates who look like it’ll be fun to run with for a while. Yolanda seems ok, but she can’t shoot for shit. Manuel needs to get his foot out of his mouth and get a bath, but that shield of his is pretty useful. Don’t entirely trust that Drakken though. He was rifling through poor Finns pockets before the last breath had left his body. Mind you when he tried that thieving lark on anyone not dead they collared him pretty quick. He better not try anything.

So. Woke up in prison. Then this piece of work Oristis turned up and made it pretty clear that we had a job to do. Treating me like some common sellsword. I was part of the Reavers damn it! Anyway this guy kills Finn then tells us to sort out some jumped up dwarf who took some hostages. This Koraf fella turned out ok, just trying to improve the life of his people. Nothing wrong with that. Seems like Oristis had some part in that too. They put him in some cells waiting for a trial. He better get treated fairly that’s all. 

This squirt Gino gets us our kit and sends us on our way. What a tool. Turns out he was the Volante heir apparent at one point before it was stripped. I mean why the hell did he choose to hang around and be reminded of his failure all the time? Might be an ok type I guess. We went to the Academy, and after having a word with the dick on the front desk, it turns out that they want 500 gold to get rid of this Gias nonsense. Sod that. Bloody mages charging an absolute fortune for mumbling some fancy words and waving their hands around a bit. Can’t be trusted that’s what. Stopped off at the Blue Ball on the way to sort this hostage thing out. That Horatio was ok. Good honest name that. Reminds me of my Captain Horatio Salt. Yeah I’ll sort that mess out soon as well. At least I’m practicing my words as much as possible. I’m going to keep the other promises too. Ended up embarrassing myself a little. I mean that door should have been splinters! That backflip must have tired me out more than I realised. Didn’t even get the name of the lass in the end either. Pretty though. Seems she is involved with the Volantes too. Probably more trouble than its worth. Nothing wrong with a bit of trouble like. Ended up having to get out of there sharpish cos the guard were on their way. Manuel played it cool and got rid of a couple of the goons. Nice one. That flip through the window must have looked good as well. Pity no was around to applaud. Then again I did screw up the landing. Need more practice.

Arrived at Micas Arms to get this niece back, and tell you what, that Lupe is gonna get a smack next time I see him. No wonder this hostage thing was dragging on if that’s the cream of the Volante guard. Prick. So after a few words with Koraf, me and Yolanda walk in bold as anything to try and sort this out amicably. Would have preferred to have that silver tongued Manuel, but whatever, had to negotiate after all. Was chatting to this Koraf and things were going well. Manuel spooked some hot headed dwarf. Snorri was his name and he came running out swearing an cursing and it was on. I dropped him sharpish, but credit to his mates they fought on for a bit. Rex even got a good clip on me, well he would have done if I hadn’t used that heavy lump Snorri as a bit of cover. Just a clip. Manuel did the hero thing and dropped on the other guy, think his name was Sinjar. I’ll have to remind him about who gets to drop though windows around here. I’ll have to keep an eye on that Yolanda. Shes a bloodthirsty one. Rex had given up the fight, but she still had a shot at him. Missed like, but that’s not the point.

That was that then. We rescued this Priscilla, and I tell you what I don’t care who your uncle is. She was just rude. Not a bit of gratitude at all. We marched back with that cretin Lupe to the palace and dropped Korlaf and the others off. I wasn’t happy with that - I would have preferred to have kept an eye on them before bringing him before this Reuben chap in the morning.

Not had chance to look at that sextant yet, but I will. Must have been a reason why my Lord Roberts gave it to me. But anyway, that’s enough writing for one night. Need the sleep.