Wednesday, 14 June 2017


Just a quickie cos it appears that I forgot to post some pictures of the havocs that I finished up other month. Silly me! 


Probably my fave of the bunch

This is the test mini from ages ago that I brought into line with the current pain scheme
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Models painted 2017... 44

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

More Helbrutes

My motivation to paint my bikers was quite diminished, so i decided to build up a Helbrute that I got for crimbo - and it isn't even dreadtober! As a bonus I dug out a spare dark vengeance spare Helbrute that I got for a few quid on ebay and decided to have a go at some cutting and shutting with some of the vast amount of spares from the 'proper' Helbrute to see if i could create something that was not obviously identical to the normal chap. 

I thought that I had some better photos, but apparently not

Not immediately recognisable as the standard DV Helbrute

I did a bit of greenstuff work to make it a bit more rotten, but I don'y seem to have any photos of this stage. I would defo recommend converting up a second Helbrute. Approx £40 for two Helbrutes is a pretty good deal I would say!

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