Wednesday, 7 June 2017

More Helbrutes

My motivation to paint my bikers was quite diminished, so i decided to build up a Helbrute that I got for crimbo - and it isn't even dreadtober! As a bonus I dug out a spare dark vengeance spare Helbrute that I got for a few quid on ebay and decided to have a go at some cutting and shutting with some of the vast amount of spares from the 'proper' Helbrute to see if i could create something that was not obviously identical to the normal chap. 

I thought that I had some better photos, but apparently not

Not immediately recognisable as the standard DV Helbrute

I did a bit of greenstuff work to make it a bit more rotten, but I don'y seem to have any photos of this stage. I would defo recommend converting up a second Helbrute. Approx £40 for two Helbrutes is a pretty good deal I would say!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Good stuff. I have four hellbrutes so far, all based off the DV model and I think they look different enough bit your leg placement there is ace.

    1. Haha 4 helbrutes! Let me know if you work out whether that is enough or not! Cheers for the kind words.

      One of my problems with some of the more recent GW kits is that where the poses are more dynamic it becomes increasingly difficult to see the same model crop up all the time. Hence the need to convert. That orruk megaboss is a prime example. Ace model, ace pose, but you're screwed if you want two of them. Plus I think that the more dynamic the pose, the harder is it to do something about.