Monday, 29 June 2015

Hobby Doldrums

An alternative title may have been 'On Ambition Overtakes Skill'.

Not sure when this'll actually go up, but I'm writing it in early May, and I am stuck, and I have been stuck for what feels like a couple of weeks. Summer is haltingly beginning and so hobby time is drying up slightly, but that doesn't really help with the fact that I have really struggled to make any tangible progress over recent weeks. Very frustrating.

Progress with what you say? Well, remember my spawn from last April (what do you mean you don't? Go here)? I decided it was time to sort out my Iron Warriors, and that their supposed mix of demon flesh and armour would be a good start point for me to experiment with before cracking on with the rest of the army. 

My plan was for a mottled purple flesh that would work nicely next to the dirty silver of their armour. I tried and failed. Then I thought that a blue may work. I don't think that it does.

So I tried several different things, and went back to black undercoat a few times too.

Here are my failures...

Still quite like the purple to blue gradient on the tentacle up there. That might stay.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Longest WIP ever

Many, many moons ago, when I were but a nipper I put in an order for random bits and pieces from GW mail order. I picked up a few odds and sods with no real goal. Rule of cool and all that. I only actually started to paint one guy, and I thought that the bold red basecoat was a decent start point. 

Yes, here is my tech priest dude...

I also built a couple of plasma cannon servitors...

 And here are the team. The colours come out a bit better here...

Think I may go back and dirty up the tech priest but overall I'm pretty happy with how he turned out.

Models painted... 51

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Monday, 15 June 2015

More sneaky types

Here are the rest of the squad. I put some effort in the build to make them look a bit more important than the others. I think of these as squad leader and his number 2.

Models painted... 48

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Monday, 8 June 2015

Sneaky Ratlings

Painted up the first few Ratling conversions. I'm not that happy with how they turned out, to be honest. I tried a few new things out and they kind of back fired in general I think. Fairly disappointed but I'm glad to have them done.

These guys are based on some mantic dwarfs (dwarves?) with some IG bits mixed in and the sniper rifles are from Anvil Industry, which are just fantastic.

Models painted... 46

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So this guy has not been promoted to my favourite assassin. I have used him the battle report that I posted earlier and he underperformed a bit, so I'm basing this on looks and overall satisfaction. The brown and blue were adapted from the Culexis, but I think the green worked really well.

Here is my previous post.

It would be right about here that I would add a team assassin photo but I never took one. Naughty me.

Models painted... 43

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Monday, 1 June 2015


Moderately happy with this guy The blue and browns work quite well, but I think he looks the least 'assassiny' of my merry group of murderous nut jobs. I think that I may do a version 2 of this guy in the future.

Here is the previous article on him.

Models painted... 42

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