Wednesday, 11 January 2017

2017 Targets

So I've taken the list of stuff that I had to do and then added more things! Fun!

I'll probably try to keep this list updates through the year as things progress.

Iron Warriors

  • Paint Chosen
  • Paint Havocs
  • Paint Terminators
  • Prime more Terminators
  • Prime Bikers
  • Build, prime and paint the raptors
  • Build, prime and paint more helbrutes
  • Build, prime and paint some warsmiths
  • Paint Terminator Lord
  • Paint Land Raider

Imperial Guard

  • Paint the Stormhammer
  • Paint two Valkyries

Inquisition Stuff

  • Build up some more inquisitor stuff and warbands


  • Build and paint the marines in the deathwatch box
  • Build and paint the tyranids in the deathwatch box


  • Paint 3 Big Gunz
  • Paint Stompa
  • Paint 10 Meganobz
  • Repaint 2nd ed dread
  • Repaint all my 2nd ed Goffs and Grots (dear god why do I want to do that)
  • Finish off 2 battlewagons
  • Finish off loads of buggies
  • Paint bunch of deffcoptas
  • See what needs to be done with the bunch of orks I got off ebay:

Dystopian Wars

  • Finish British Fleet
  • Finish Japanese Fleet
  • Finish Merchant ships
  • Finish 3 oil rigs
  • Finish 2 lighthouses
  • Finish 2 islands

Hobby Stuff

    • This is really important. Want to do this so much.
  • Come up with some way of displaying some stuff
  • Pain the Wall of Martyrs Stuff
    • Aquila Strongpoint
    • Vengeance Weapon Battery
    • Imperial Bunker
    • Imperial Defence Network
    • Imperial Defence Line
    • Firestorm Redoubt

Wowser that is a lot of stuff that needs doing! But then again its better than having boxes of stuff stashed away everywhere.

Thanks for reading

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  1. That's a huge list! This is the best one though:

    -This is really important. Want to do this so much."

    I think lots of us can sympathise with that one. Best of luck with your list buddy.