Sunday, 1 January 2017

2016: A Year in Review

Happy new year all. Onto some reviewing of my 2016. In short pretty good. Started off pretty crappily, with warhammer stuff taking a slide for some other commitments. I got the walking club web site spruced up by early summer, by which time my hobby mojo was returning.

By the end of the year I was getting some solid hobby achievements that I am fairly proud of. By the numbers I think I managed to paint 105 figures, which sounds pretty good to me. I made some serious headway with my Iron Warriors which was a major headache from earlier years.

The Blog

The blogger stats stuff don't seem that great. but here is my top post stuff 

Well since I only posted 6 blog things in 2016 it isn't that surprising that the stats are dominated by that post from 2014. I think I linked this one to some discussion on a thread on reddit so i'm not surprised that this is still the most popular post. Something to think about anyway.

The Hobby

The Good
  • Got stuck into my Iron Warriors. Two full squads, some characters and a Helbrute.
  • Finished my Grysyns. Proper happy with them.
  • Pretty happy I kept my spending under control.
The Bad
  • Not enough games. Only played a couple
The Ugly
  • Still not played Dystopian Wars. Will do one day.

The List

Here is a list I made the other year. Time to update it! Since I didn't do a review last year, this includes stuff from 2015 too. Bit of a cheat like.

Iron Warriors

  • Paint Berserkers
  • Paint Plague Marines
  • Paint Chosen
  • Paint Possessed
  • Paint Havocs
  • Paint Khan
  • Paint Terminators
  • Paint Terminator Lord
  • Paint Spawn
  • Paint Obliterators
  • Paint Hellbrute
  • Paint Land Raider

Imperial Guard

  • Paint 5 Ratling Snipers
  • Paint 4 Assassins
  • Paint 3 Psykers
  • Paint Special Weapons Squad
  • Paint Heavy Weapons Dudes
  • Paint Hostile Environment Squad
  • Paint two standard bearers
  • Paint two sergeants and medicmedic
  • Paint 2 Commissars
  • Paint Creed
  • Paint tech priest and 2 servitors
  • Paint Wyvern
  • Paint Leman Russ
  • Paint Chimera
  • Paint Colossus


  • Paint 3 Big Gunz
  • Paint Stompa
  • Paint 10 Meganobz
  • Repaint 2nd ed dread
  • Repaint all my 2nd ed Goffs and Grots (dear god why do I want to do that)
  • Finish off 2 battlewagons
  • Finish off loads of buggies
  • Paint bunch of deffcoptas

Dystopian Wars

  • Finish British Fleet
  • Finish Japanese Fleet
  • Finish Merchant ships
  • Finish 3 oil rigs
  • Finish 2 lighthouses
  • Finish 2 islands
Overall 2016 was great. But then again I'm not a celebratory. Thanks for reading and here's to a good 2017.

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