Saturday, 8 March 2014


Decided to build some chaos spawn...

The Goal

So far in my Iron Warriors, I have decided to use some ogre kingdom bits to represent the more demonic and otherworldy sides of chaos, an idea I have now extended to some spawn. Why build some? Well I wanted to have a crack at sculpting and they looked pretty fun. Plus I needed a couple in case of some fortuitous roles on the boon table for my champions.

The Progress

So far I have sourced bodies, attached heads and legs and finally put them on bases. The bodies are soem gnoblar dudes that i couldnt think of any better use for. I trimmed off the extremeties and then used paperclips to provide the basis for legs. I also attached some cogs and gears here and there. I am confident that they will look much better once layers of greenstuff are built up.

Anyway, here they are...

Sam Spawn

A dude only recently transformed from a hapless space marine, clinging on his remaining human features

Sean Spawn

Another recent transformation. The spawn has not been able to cast off the original iron warrior who was possessed. He grips onto existence with a bitter determination

Steve Spawn

Now fully embracing spawnhood, Steve is eager to rip those in front of him to strips of meat, as represented by what will be quite a dynamic pose.

Seamus Spawn

At the onset of spwanhood, Seamus was selected for further techno modification by some sneaky techno magi types

Sigmund Spawn

 Another fully developed chaos spawn, this guy will have many gears embedded throughout his limbs, evidence of the techno plague that is spreading throughout this Iron Warrior warband.

Dave the Techno Scorpion Spawn

For this final spawn I decided to pull out the stops and go for a mutated scorpion type approach. So far so good.

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