Sunday, 16 March 2014

More Iron Warriors

Made some good progress. In fact I think I have now finished the last of my rank and file type Iron Warrior dudes. Read on for who and what...

Bunch of berserkers! The guys with the techno leg came out pretty well I think

More berserkers!

Special berserkers! Two plasma pistol blokes and the guy in the middle is the champion. Not sure the guy on the right will turn out ok. I think I tried to be a bit too creative but we shall see.

Berserkers with techno plague limbs. I proper got into the swing of building greenstuff tentacles and the like.

More berserkers! 

Last few standard iron warriors. Added some big spikes to their shoulders

Special weapon dudes. Some for the CSM squad, some for a squad of chosen.

First two icon bearers

Other two icon bearers. The berserker icon dude came out pretty well.

The guy on the left is another chosen, and the guy on the right is another chosen champion

Sooooooo.... That is nearly all of the iron warriors built. By my calculation I have:

  • 20 Plague marines / standard marines, with champion, special weapon, heavy weapon and icon.
  • 20 Berserkers with champion and icon
  • Close combat chosen squad, mostly based around the Dark Vengeance dudes, plus icon
  • Special weapon chosen squad. plus icon
  • Enough heavy weapons to make a squad of havocs
  • 3 obliterators
  • 5 terminators (still working on)
  • 6 chosen (still working on)
Wow, feels like i'm getting there!

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