Monday, 15 October 2018

Underhive Board

For absolutely ages I've been hankering after a new board. The one i currently have, which you may have seen in my battle blogs, is perfectly serviceable but I really wanted to try something new out. 

The current WWG textured board

However, coupled with some serious analysis paralysis (Modular? In built terrain? wtf is all this new sector mechanicus stuff? Sewers? Multi level?) I never really got to grips with doing anything. However, having found and joined the awesome yaktribe community (I'm still a bit of lurker, but I'm going to kick off a thread with this stuff on this evening), and seen the majorly awesome stuff, I decided to make some decisions and get started.

The basis of of my board is a bunch of these TT Combat tiles. Awesome company, awesome product.

I then decided to texture the board with some wall paper (the same that I used for my Imperial Guard dudes. Why I didn't think of this earlier I have no idea!) and textured plasticard, and then using some plasticard strips to add some further texture and to add as a framing device between panels.

The current guard scheme

Also, I've cut some holes into some of the boards. The plan here us to add some exposed detail beneath the base level, but also perhaps to add some vertical elements that can slot in.

Anyhoo, I've now assembled the first 8 tiles ready for some priming...

Some juicy texture

Overhead view

So colour wise I'm going for mostly black with a heavy silver drybrush for the currently beige stuff, and the textured plasticard will be a pale blue. Plus loads of rusty pigment action.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Seems like you need a 9th square!

    I like the texturing as a base, and the plastic additions give some good depth to what is otherwise a flat board. The holes are great too, because as you said, you could either have exposed pipes and the like, or slot in taller vertical elements, which gives more of the "hive" look.

    1. Haha yeah I've no idea why I stopped at 8!