Monday, 30 March 2015

The rest of the special weapons squad

And here are the plasma gunner types...

And all together...

On the whole pretty happy with how they turned out. I tried to make them fit in with the regular dudes, but appear a bit more elitey at the same time. Think in hindsight the regular fellas should have some gloves. I mean they are hazardous environment soldiers or somet, and they appear to be massively lacking in PPE.

Also played some Terror in Meeple City. This is a bit of an action shot with a monster totally wiping out a tower block. Proper boss game. Does take a while to set up tho...

Thanks for reading!

Models Painted... 32


  1. I'm still quite taken by those FW mods - the helmets and backpaks do it for me. That advancing chappie is also pure win. Very characterful.

    I like that you added the camo pattern down the gun casings. The one thing I'd advise if you've not already done it (the lighting could be throwing me off here) is to fill in the barrels in black/darker metal.

    1. Cheers dude! Good spot on the barrel thing. Something I defo overlooked!