Monday, 8 December 2014

A Brawlin

I've saved my favourite assassin till last. For some reason the idea of a psychotic chemically deranged killing machine that can be unleashed at will is quite compelling. In my mind such warriors are almost tank like in their appearance and indeed their operation. Any way here are some pics...

 I gave him a squat and heavily armoured appearance. A chaos space marine body and I think some gorkamorka ork legs, ork shoulder pads (how 80s), a blood angel head with the spikey bits removed, a chaos cultist left arm and I dont know about the right. I then made a comedy gun from various bits. I think the drilled gun barrel is quite effective here. 

I then added a bunch of vials, canisters and fuel tanks from various sources. These represent the various chemical toxins that are injected into his system.

OK so the gun is far from perfect, but i'm really happy how this guy turned out.

Thanks for reading.

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