Monday, 8 September 2014

I built Stuff

At the beginning of summer I bought a vast pile of stuff in order to give me some options for a half decent core of a Imperial Guard army and to provide some bits for various other needs.

So first off I built a bunch of dudes. Various normal soldier dudes, special weapons and vox casters. Also used some legs from the stormtrooper box set to finally finish the cadian special weapon squad i've had for about 2 years or something. There are about 5 heavy weapon dudes just out of shot.

Built a wyvern!

Built a chimera!

Dug out an ancient Colossus siege mortar that i stripped and primed ready for repainting. Look how fat the old chap is! I'm not sure if the chunky side parts are separate pieces or not.

In a row
I also built a Leman Russ tank, but apparently I didnt take any photos. Oh well.


  1. The chunky side pieces are separate on those older tracks - and what you have is a Forge World Griffon, rather than the Colossus Bombard, I think.

  2. I think we are both right! After a swift image search it is defo not a bombard, but I can also say that I didnt get it via forgeworld. It was a normal IG kit back in the day