Monday, 11 June 2018

First Games of 8th

As I said in my previous blog entries, I'm currently full of motivation and inspiration for 40k (if limited by time). Now, to top off it all I've actually managed to get (my first) two whole games of 8th edition in. My Iron Warriors took on my mate Ste's Deathguard at 1500 points...

And then a few weeks later my Iron Warriors took on my mate Stes Deathguard at 1250 points...

So two games in and I think Blood for the Blood God is a crazy rule.

Do like 8th? Hell yes. everything just flowed better with less looking up of numbers in tables. Although saying that I did struggle to find the right pages in the codex all the time. Maybe they need a better layout? Maybe I need bookmarks?

The main thing is, it felt great actually playing a game and rolling dice and stuff. These were the first games since I moved house and stuff too. Happy days!

Thanks for reading, and may your skull throne be piled high!


  1. Excellent mate, glad you liked it! I thought I was slow only getting an 8th Edn under my belt recently, but hey ho, I’m not the only one who has to juggle real life to get some decent hobby afternoons/days for a battle.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it and lovely to see your Iron Warriors out there.