Monday, 5 February 2018

State Of The Union: The Forces of the Imperium

Positioned somewhere between my Orks and Iron Warriors in terms of numbers of models still to finish are Imperial forces, mostly represented by my guard. Most of my 7th edition games were with these guys. I've got a decent core of an army. Or at least I did since I'm sure what might have changed in the move to 8th edition. My hit list for these guys include more regular soldiers and more Leman Russ tanks

Anyway, the pics...

The fam

The core. The footsloggers

Heavy weapon teams

Techpriest and servitors

Ratling snipers


Armoured sentinel


Master of artillery dude


Commissars. Two of my favourite models

My Creed conversion

Command chaps

Special weapons dudes

Hostile Environment Special Weapons Squad

Inquisitor Gryson and Friends

The armour

The support armour

The big dog
Not pictured are the deathwatch dudes from that box set a while ago, and the primaris marines from that other more recent box set. And 2 or 3 Valkyries.

Thanks for reading! 

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