Wednesday, 26 October 2016

#Dreadtober 2016

Once I saw the posts start coming through about dreadtober on twitter and instagram and what not I decided that I should join the fun too! My helbrute had been languishing in my painting queue for ages, being primed and mostly assembled, so it got a jump to the front and I got stuck in...

Some wip shots...

A bit of dry brushing on the demon skin

White base for what will soon be yellow, purple demon skin and most of the armour panels done

Stripes and most of the trim done

And then the finished dude....

I'm kind of surprised that I got this guy finished in about 3 weeks to a standard which I am quite happy with, I think the copper edging could do with some more highlighting but this was the fiddliest part of the model and it was driving me batty by the time so I had to call it done.

I'm not really happy with the base. It'll do for now but I might revisit it once I get stuck into the other dreads that I have planned. Annoyingly the grating material doesn't want to hold any paint and a fair amount flaked off as I was dry brushing and what not. This is a pity cos I really like the texture and I had some cunning plans for things to do with it. Oh well....

The DV helbrute is cool but the pose is a bit shit. Once you have one of these I can't really see why you would want another identical one. Perhaps a more neutral pose would have made it easier to alter, or at least to have several copies of in a single collection. I do have another one knocking around somewhere but I'm going to hack it up and rebuild it. 

An Aside

This blog has been largely inactive hobby wise for most of this year. Other commitments and various other problems meant that I pretty much stopped warhammering it up early on in the year, but I've been back at it since the start of summer so hopefully I'll have some more stuff to share in the near future.

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