Friday, 21 August 2015

Summer Happened


So once again summer came round, my hobby time fell through the floor and my posts dried up. But fear not, I am going to get back into the swing of things, hopefully.

I also noticed that my blog has not crept of 6000 views, which is pretty cool if you ask me. Thanks for hitting refresh all them times whoever you are!

So, some things that distracted me were...

Warhammer world!

Some mega hot sauce. I mean this is some serious flavour in a bottle.

Went up a Welsh mountain in the typical early summer

Found a rusty landy

Started playing x-wing more. Yay more expensive miniatures to buy.

Went to Norfolk for a wedding shindig. Street Morris Dancing broke out

Learned that peacocks can actually fly. Or at least jump

Watched a rugby match. Go Wigan!
Went to Geneva for an awesome wedding party with  awesome russians

Went to Rockfest Barcelona

A friend kept on falling asleep after drinking beer!

Upon my return to blighty. another mate promptly fell asleep in the pub. For like an hour. Must be the way I tells them.

Got close enough to hack that portal

Found a rusty boat

Watched Europe burn beneath a tidal wave of ufos

Went up another mountain in the traditional british summer. This time in the Lake District

I started reading the Mistborn trilogy. Awesome.

Finally, I came "this" close to being a Nightwish fan, but it turns out that it is just that one song after all.

Thanks for reading!