Monday, 29 December 2014

Merchant Ships

So I also bought some bits and pieces from the spartan bits and pieces part of their store with a view to build some of my own merchant ships.

So I've had the bits of one of those ancient pontoon bridge army sets from when I was a nipper in my bits box for as long as I can remember, and these were the hulls of the ship.

So here is the first one..

This guy is a simple flat bed cargo hauler type ship. I also made some interesting looking cargo but then decided not to photograph those pieces. The textured plasticard fits the scale really nicely. The pieces fore and aft (how nautical am I?) are what I think are folded up cranes that are from the merchant fleet box.

I also discovered that the resin pieces look many times better if they are recessed into the top hull plate rather than plonked on top.

Thanks for looking!

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