Monday, 10 November 2014

Stuttering Progress

So I've had what turned out to be a sinus infection which meant that I was feeling pretty grim for the last few weeks. 
Anyway enough moaning! I did some pretty serious airbrushing over that time and managed to basecoat most of those guardsmen from a few posts back.

Box of guard!

Still loads of detail to do, notably the red on the guns plus highlighting and the rest of the usual stuff, but you get the drift. I must admit that I am pretty intimidated about painting the character types! 

Also, a question to you airbrushers... 

During use I quite frequently get spurts of water out of the nozzle, which is incredibly frustrating since it messes up what i have been working on. Now my compressor does have a moisture trap on it, and I find that there is a load of condensation in there by the time I finish a session. So my question is how moist (fnar fnar) does yours get after and during use? I'm thinking this is the root of my problems. 

Any thoughts would be appreicated!

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