Monday, 26 May 2014


Forgive the indulgence, but I'm quite happy with the progress that I am making with my guard. I find the painting aspects of this hobby the most challenging, mainly cos I suck and i can find it frustrating at times, but I think i am actually beginning to make some real progress. Seeing the guard come together is really satisfying. 

With just the officers left to finish off it is time to ponder what is next. After running the sums, it looks as though I have enough soldiers to field a CCS and platoon with a PCS and two infantry squads. Not many points, but better than a knee to the happy sacks. Looking at what other bits I have lined up my mind turns to what bits I need to crack on.

Off the top of my head:

  • Three pairs of legs plus three guardsmen will complete my forgeworld hostile environment plasma gunners as a SPS;
  • 4 more guardsmen and another special weapons dude will let me move the heavy weapon teams from the IS to form a HWS;
  • I need a bunch (3) of kneeling down legs to finish off the heavy weapon dudes;
  • I have aspirations for fielding an inquisitor and henchmen and using this as a way in to INQ28 stuff (I think that this aspect of the hobby represents a precipice of modelling / painting / narrative gaming), for which i need tons of bits
  • 7th Ed rules / box set
So do I go all out and get me a cadian defence force which will provide me with enough stuff to complete my immediate goals plus give me more stuff for the INQ28 attack? Or do I get just what I need? Plus I need to replace my airbrush to continue with my Imperial Guard and Iron Warrior armies. Plus I'm not made of money.

Anyway, here are some pictures of stuff that I painted a while back...

A Leman Russ and a sentinal. I used my airbrush, the well established salt and airspray weathering technique, plus weathering powers, oil paints and varnish.

Proper chuffer at how they turned out!

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