Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Meet the family

The completion of the Terminator Lord meant that I think that I have now built out the core of my Iron Warrior collection. Not sure how many points in total but it should be enough to allow me to field a variety of armies...

Beserkers, including a champion and icon

Havocs, including a champion and icon. One guy can join the CSMs as a heavy weapon dude

CSMs, including an icon. Realised after taking this that I need a champion for this squad, so a quick arm swap ensued

Special weapon Chosen, including a champion and icon. One dude will join the CSM squad

Close Combat Chosen, including an icon. These are mostly from the DV box. There is a painted guy somewhere as well



Land Raider and dread, I mean hellbtute. The other bits are on pieces of card waiting to be primed

Terminator Lord, Kharn and a Lord. Ready to lead.

The whole lot!

 So what next? I'm calling it quits on building for now. More vehicles will probably be added over time along with a greater deamon dude at some point. But it is time to start painting...

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