Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Hello Internet

Hello Internet

So this is my first blog post. No idea what I am trying to do or say at this point. So anyway learn by doing eh?

I'm intending this post to be about two of my many hobbies, 40k and playing board games, so a bit of history is in order I guess.

Started 40k back when I was back in high school in the early 90s, but eventually drifted away from it. Decided to get get back into it properly a couple of years back, and yeah, it is well fun. Why did I get back into it? I wanted a Stompa, so I bought one. Then I thought it looked lonely, so I bought more Ork stuff. Not long after, I had a bunch of stuff that I had bought from eBay...

And so I was back into 40k. Other bits have been bought, and some has actually been painted, heck I've even played a couple of games. but that's for another day. 

So over the last couple of years or so I have started to get massively into board games. No, not monopoly. It started with Carcassonne and snow balled from there. Now board game nights are regular things and I'm looking forwards to a Crimbo heavy with board games.

So thats it for now. Hello, welcome, and here we go...

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